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User Story 2: Increase efficiency

To reduce internal inefficiency & waste through the use of digital technology & approaches

Office 365 rollout

Office 365 Rollout

We’re transforming the way in which we deliver our services using Office 365. Cloud based communication and collaboration, using Teams, Skype and other applications, are helping us to become more productive, efficient and resilient. You can see a video Microsoft made about our early successes here. We have over 150 members of staff recruited as "Office 365 enablers" supporting their colleagues and driving uptake and adoption of the new functionality

Portal image

Employee Portal

We developed an online Employee Portal which allows all 6000 Council employees, plus those from organisations we support, to access their payslips, P60s and other information 24/7 from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. This has improved the user experience of accessing payslips and employee information and has also reduced administration and postage. The portal is personalised around the user and managers have also been able to use the portal as a means to communicate important information with non-office based staff. The portal is built using Microsoft B2C technology, meaning that future services we add in won’t require the users to remember multiple passwords.

Council chamber

GOVote – members voting platform

We’re avoiding a cost pressure in excess of £150,000 by changing the way in which our 78 Elected Members vote and participate in Council meetings. Using .Net and Azure SignalR we have custom built a secure voting platform through which votes can be instantly opened and closed by an administrator, and allows Members to cast their vote in Council meetings using their own mobile device, in a way which show vote responses in real time for others in the Council Chamber. Supported by Microsoft PowerBi we are able to run reports on vote history and named voting which meets statutory requirements. We are currently using the platform in Beta with our Planning Committee, and aim for June 2019 usage at full Council.