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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.1 This document sets out the Terms and Conditions for using NCCconnect (incorporating Employee Portal and any future additional services). By using this service, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Unless we tell you otherwise, this agreement does not change any of the terms and conditions that relate to any other services you receive from Newcastle City Council.  

2. Charges

2.1 We don’t charge you to use NCCconnect but your network operator or internet provider may charge you for using the internet.

3. Multiple accounts

3.1 Our vision is that you can use NCCconnect to access any separate accounts you have relating to Newcastle City Council.  The current services linked to NCCconnect are shown here: https://nccportal.newcastle.gov.uk/ – currently Employee Portal.

4. Security

4.1 We will ask you to confirm your identity when you log on. We may also rely on some of the security functions on the devices you use when you access NCCconnect.  From time to time we may apply additional security checks to help confirm your identity.

4.2 We may use software and other technology to help us identify you, and to detect viruses or malicious software (malware) on the computer or device you use to access NCCconnect. If we detect these things, we may suspend, restrict or block your access to NCCconnect or the use of your security details. If this happens, you may not be able to access some or all of our online services again until you have removed the viruses or malware. If we tell you that you need to use new security details to access your accounts, you must do so or your access will be barred.

4.3 You must always keep your security details secure and not share them with anyone, including any other residents within your household. We’ll never phone, text or email you asking for your password.

5. Access to NCCconnect services

5.1 You can usually use NCCconnect at all times but occasionally repairs, updates and maintenance on our systems may mean some or all of the services aren’t available or may be slow for a short time.

5.2 We won’t be liable to you if you suffer any loss in such circumstances. This is because you should be able to give us instructions by other means, for example by calling us or emailing us: csc@newcastle.gov.uk 

5.3 We may suspend, restrict or stop your use of NCCconnect if we reasonably think this is necessary including (but not limited to), for example:
a) the security of your account is at risk;
b) we suspect unauthorised or fraudulent use of your security details
c) we must comply with a legal or regulatory requirement;
d) you’ve knowingly given us false information about yourself or another account holder;
e) a systems failure has occurred;
f) a third party has failed to supply services;
g) there is another reason beyond our reasonable control

5.4 We may prevent access to NCCconnect if you’re using an outdated browser that we no longer support. NCCconnect functionality may also be affected by your browser settings. You can restore your access by updating to the latest version of the browser or app, or by reinstating settings that have been disabled.

5.5 If possible, we’ll contact you before suspending, restricting or blocking your access to tell you we’re doing so and why. We explain how we may contact you in section 6 of these Terms and Conditions. However, we may not always be able to contact you, for example because of legal or regulatory restrictions.

5.6 You must not use NCCconnect except for your own use. You may not adapt, alter, modify, copy or reverse-engineer it or allow someone else to do the same.

5.7 We’ll usually notify you of changes to the use of NCCconnect using the email address and/or telephone number you provide when you register.

5.8 We will give you reasonable notice if we intend to make a change for a reason we consider to be necessary, including any of the following:

  • A change in regulatory requirements – for example, if the law changes or our regulator changes its rules or guidance.
  • To reflect changes in services available to you.
  • To do something that is to your advantage
  • Any other change that affects us if it is fair to pass on its impact to you.

6. How we’ll contact you

6.1 If we need to contact you about NCCconnect services we’ll normally do so using the email address and/or telephone number you provide when you register.  

6.2 We may also communicate with you in any other way that is personal to you. This may include email, SMS, online notifications or any other appropriate messaging service.

6.3 You must immediately tell us if your name or contact details change, including any email addresses, mobile phone numbers or other contact details. If you don’t tell us, we won’t be responsible if we can’t contact you or we use outdated contact details to send you information.

7 How you can contact us

7.1 If you have concerns about these Terms and Conditions you can email us to discuss at csc@newcastle.gov.uk

8. Other information

8.1 All the information we give you and all communications between you and us will be in English.