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Frequently asked questions

  1. How will I get the information I need to register?  

    If you have a council email account you will be sent instructions including your unique access code by email to this email address.  If you don’t have a work email address, you will receive your instructions and your unique access code by letter to your home address. Please note this is your unique access code – do not share it.

  2. Is it the same code for everyone?

    No every employee will receive an access code that is unique to them.  Please do not share or forward on your code.

  3. Is there a web link?

    Yes  https://nccportal.newcastle.gov.uk

  4. Is there a shortcut to access the portal?

    You can set up a short cut to the portal from the desktop of your pc (work and/or home).  In windows, “right click” anywhere on your desktop.  Go to “new” and select “create shortcut”. Now input https://nccportal.newcastle.gov.uk

    into the box and click “next”. Now name the shortcut and click “finish”. An icon will now appear on your desktop which can be used to access the portal.

  5. Do I need an email address?

    Yes, you will need an email address to set up your employee account.  We recommend you use a personal email address so that you can continue to access your information such as pay slips and P60s if you leave the council.

  6. If I’m using a personal email address does this mean Employee Services will contact me using it?

    It is more cost effective to email letters than to print and post them.  However, when you register you can select to not receive contact to your email address. You will, regardless, receive notifications to your email address when your payslip is available to view.

  7. If I change my email address how do I change my email address for the portal?

    You will need to contact Employee Services and reregister your account.

  8. Should we use a work email then switch to a personal one if/when we leave?

    No, we would not recommend you do this as you would need to go through the whole registration process again.

  9. Will inputting my email address change my work one for the purposes of LMS?


  10. Will I still be able to access my work emails?

    Yes, if you have a work email account you will have access to these.  The portal is a separate system.

  11. What do I do if I need help to set up an email address and/or register for the portal?

    We have provided help in the form of a step by step instruction guide and video (see attached document and link).  We will have people from the engagement team visiting council offices and depots as part of the roll out to offer any support.  Union Learning Reps will also be available to offer help and support.  See attached information for guidance on who your union/union learning rep is.

  12. If I input my phone number for second factor authentication will this be used by the council?

    No, the number will only be used to send you your code.

  13. Is this different to ‘My Account’ on the website?

    Over the next 12 months, we will bring all the existing (and separate) portals together under one ‘roof’.  The ‘My Account’ on the website will take you to the employee portal and eventually there will be other services that you can access from your account, for example if you are a Newcastle resident you will be able to access your council tax information through the same route.

  14. If I have an Active Directory account, can I still use it?

    Yes, you can access the portal from the council network and also outside of the council network.  The only additional thing you need to do if accessing outside of the council network is typing in a security code, which is sent to your mobile phone by text.

  15. Is it possible my personal email could be hacked?

    The system meets the security standards of ICT.

  16. Is the system secure?

    The system has been through rigorous testing, for example penetration testing, and meets the security standards set by Newcastle City Council’s ICT department.

  17. Will the portal have access to council information such as News in Brief?  

    Yes, the information from News in Brief will be available via the employee portal

  18. How do I print/download my payslip?  

    Select the payslip you want to print/download via the Month Year menu.

    Now click “Printer friendly version”.

    Printer friendly version

    This will then display your selected payslip in a separate window, which you can then print from your browser.

    Alternatively there is an option to download your payslip as a PDF, select this and it will download to your desktop.